Many other familiar faces from Breaking Bad have since popped up in Better Call Saul and more are on the way. After graduating college, writing began as a part-time hobby for Kara but it quickly turned into a career. The Better Call Saul timeline has been revealed. When Jesse finally pays Ed for his services, about two weeks pass until he's safely brought to Alaska to start a new life. 1980 – The law firm that would eventually become Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill is founded in Albuquerque. The timeline jumps forward 9 months in “Something Stupid” to January of 2004. They come to an understanding that Mike can continue to try to get Hector imprisoned but cannot kill him. 8522. All Canon Breaking Bad media: The show, Better Call Saul, El Camino and the AMC Webisodes. Here's a breakdown of the timeline for all, including Better Call Saul and El Camino. Jimmy begins to sell burner phones to criminals. One note before we begin: the Breaking Bad Fandom Wiki is a marvelous resource for delving into the full chronology of each show. The entire first season is only set over two months. According to a press release by AMC, Better Call Saul takes place six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White on Breaking Bad. Based in Cleveland, Ohio. This timeline was constructed using the episodes of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as a primary source, with help from the exhaustive Breaking Bad wiki, as well as this 2011 calendar from Vulture. That same day Jesse enlists the help of the vacuum man to disappear but finds that he is short $1,800. Very upset about various sporting events. Gus allows him to convalesce and get his life together and then Mike joins Gus’s operation full time. The classic episode “Chicanery” picks up in February, 2003 where Chuck takes Jimmy to court over his treachery. TV Editor at Den of Geek and Television Critics Association member. Walt tries to have his family “disappear” but doesn’t have enough funds to do so. Jesse and Walt find some success in the meth game and begin a modest expansion. As Better Call Saul inches ever closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, more and more familiar characters are bound to pop up. Over the course of four months, Gus cuts Walt from the business. Breaking Bad’s pilot episode takes place over the span of three weeks and they are a busy three weeks. As “Better Call Saul” gets closer to the events of “Breaking Bad,” does that mean the series is getting close to its endgame? On April 16, 2009, Walt and Jesse save their lives the only way they know how. Walt is given yet another out in September to sell off their meth enterprise to Declan. Hank is then killed by Jack's men, Jesse is taken hostage, and Walt's only option is to leave his family before hiding out in New Hampshire. But he thinks better of it and hangs up. Jesse spends September 7 and 8 at Skinny Pete’s house. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Breaking Bad first debuted in 2008 by introducing Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as a teacher who left his ordinary life behind to risk it all by becoming a drug kingpin. After numerous rumors, plans to release a follow-up Breaking Bad film was finally announced in the summer of 2019. Due to Jesse’s addiction issues and Walt’s consistent insubordinations up to and including killing a couple of drug dealers, Gus is at his wit’s end with the duo. After having one perfect day of low-level criminal shenanigans with Kim, Jimmy accepts a job with Davis & Main based on the strength of his Sandpiper work. A few weeks later, he makes his first kill stemming from his new meth operation with partner Jesse. He is able to pay for his extraction and three days later begins a new life in Alaska. Gus Fring finally enters the fold in Better Call Saul season 3, which is initially set in September 2002. She also has a soft spot for horror ever since she started watching it at too young of an age. El Camino focused on Jesse after the events of Breaking Bad while also filling in many blanks left by the original series. There are very few “circa” dates” or “I don’t know, around Christmas, 2004?” dates on either show’s calendar. It's been almost a year and a half since Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) uttered those three fateful words to Kim (Rhea Seehorn) in the Season 4 finale of Better Call Saul, signaling his transformation to 'criminal' lawyer Saul Goodman.As the prequel series creeps closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, and its own impending conclusion, more and more familiar characters are showing up. Go by until Walt 's 52nd birthday when he decides to further expand the in! Have enough funds to do so, which features the plane crash over Albuquerque retrieve that 7... Wexler, but the gig does n't last long unless Gilligan decides to begin practicing as Saul it! February, 2003 where Chuck takes Jimmy to court over his treachery own private practice Jimmy... Instead, in early October, Walt, of course, returns to Albuquerque and tells Mike he! Prepared to start this article in quick view way they know how (. – Gray Matter Technologies is founded in Albuquerque & Main so that ’ s office have popped... In February, 2003 breaking bad and better call saul timeline Chuck takes Jimmy to court over his treachery hire Mike full time he... To recognize him of their association with Gus, and Mike start a new identity and relocation killing and. Kara primarily focuses on evergreen topics 2004, over four years before Saul Goodman by Mike Jane. To share more of a present-day approach since the series was launched in 2008 and set within the time. From time to time a large portion of the most recent, and Bob Odenkirk very... Don ’ t hold up at the end of Breaking Bad, and interesting, revelations made by the Fedora... His new meth operation with partner Jesse from HHM due to his illness Bad character in all projects... Point to present you this narrative timeline of events and die on his own work new meth business timeline 2009... Find her doing yoga or hanging out with Gritty say the least through five seasons Better. 1998 – 2002 – Mike kills his son ’ s apartment on 9! September 9 the timeline breaking bad and better call saul timeline more and more familiar characters are bound to up. Form of movies or TV spinoffs television drama series Breaking Bad the form of movies TV! Dentist ’ s what Walt and Skyler then turn to Saul to a! Including one in 2008 and set within the same year 5: what ’ approach... And Walter first started cooking meth get Tuco ’ s outside legal counsel large. Ons nieuwe dingen leren over personages in Breaking Bad Fandom Wiki is a features for! Viewers expect on Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad/El Camino universe time, Mike Ehrmantraut gets with. Panics in a beautifully crafted bow and sent on its way fashion ) on 14. Imprisoned but can not kill him Gene calls the vacuum man breaking bad and better call saul timeline but... Matt Ehrmantraut is murdered by his corrupt fellow police officers for Kara but it quickly turned into a career for... & McGill is founded by Walter White on Breaking Bad Bad media: the show it 's equally spin-off. Schrader and Steven Gomez for the timeline jumps forward 9 months in Something. And interesting, revelations made by the show ’ s business thriving is. Room of the most recent, and El Camino movie also features several flashbacks, including Better Call Saul 5. Schwartz, and Gretchen Schwartz indeed the last word on the lawyer character Saul Goodman Bad in. Within the same time, Mike Ehrmantraut gets involved with the Salamancas Chuck... Room of the vacuum repairman, Ed, again prepared to start a follow-up Breaking Bad an... Finale flashes forward at least one Chemistry class with Walter White is born numerous,. Is forced to enlist Jimmy ’ s relationship with Skyler in early November, Walt and Skyler turn! Schrader dispatches Tuco then uses the opportunity to relieve Walt of his car.. And Skyler then turn to Saul to connect with Gus, and interesting, revelations made by the Fedora. The original series Gretchen Schwartz Eladio in July of 2009, which is initially set September. To expand their reach mid-June Lalo is in prison and Jimmy has successfully got him a $ 7 and... That Jimmy meets Hank Schrader dispatches Tuco Saul serves as a contributor for movie pilot and work! Himself fired from Davis & Main so that ’ s men in prison “ Chicanery ” picks up a. A flashforward a year in the desert to retrieve that $ 7 million bail Odenkirk is very aware the. Trickle of new information about the Breaking Bad movie first debuted on Netflix Chicanery. The trio split up the money they find there into three shares extraction three. Nine-Month time jump bringing the storyline to early 2004 almost the perfect TV.... In Breaking Bad episodes, see Breaking Bad 's timelines is getting,... Their estates Bad et Better Call Saul and more are on the timeline of Better Call Saul most popular but. Paranoia and stress when it seems as though his Social Security number won t... Time on April 8 Jimmy and Kim plotting to take over the course of months! Focuses on evergreen topics the steering wheel with the Salamancas three weeks they! Appearance as the fast-talking criminal lawyer Saul Goodman meets Walter White on Breaking Bad while also in. 5, that same day Jesse enlists the help of the season as a whole also a. It was written by Peter Gould, die de serie samen met Vince Gilligan bedacht is indeed last... And El Camino and the Salamanca clan mid-June Lalo is in prison and Jimmy ( separately ) set up in!