September 28, 2016

Join a team and get involved in a day of healthy competition among Houston’s non-profit community at the First Annual Charity Field Day presented by Friday Harbour on Saturday, November 19 on the campus of Anheuser Busch Brewery. It’s a chance for 20 non-profit organizations, partnering with small businesses to compete in fast-paced, fun games and challenges that will build teamwork, networking skills and collaboration. In addition to encouraging non-profits to connect, they will also compete to win prize money to help advance their missions. The social media exposure alone will surely create a long term impact for all participants.

“We created this opportunity as a great way to get non-profits out of our silos and start finding ways to work together,” said Brian Hall, Founder of Friday Harbour whose mission is to ease the burden of the cancer journey by providing free temporary lodging to patients and their families. “Imagine the creativity, innovation and solutions that can result from 20 nonprofit teams coming together for a day full of games, competition, collaboration, and conversation, all aimed at creating a stronger future for Houston, built on community, charity and health.”

The Olympic-style competition has something for everyone including tricycle races, tug-o-war, soccer penalty kicks and brain games. Friday Harbour has partnered with the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) to recruit small businesses to become involved in sponsoring their favorite charity and participating in the fun.

“Friday Harbour Charity Field Day is a great opportunity for small businesses to partner with non-profit organizations while increasing their employee engagement, enhancing community goodwill, and increasing customer support,” said April Day, President of WBEA. “With about 85 percent of consumers stating they have a better outlook on businesses that give back, participating in Charity Field Day is a great way to show your customers what you care about and tell a story about your company that is beyond what you sell.”

Small businesses are Houston’s economic powerhouse. As natural leaders, The First Annual Friday Harbour Charity Field Day is the perfect platform for owners to strengthen Houston’s community by partnering with a non – profit organization. To find out more information about the event which will take place on November 19, 2016 from 7 a.m. -1 p.m. at the Anheuser Busch Brewery, 775 Gellhorn Drive, Houston, TX 77029, log on to www.FridayHarbourFieldDay.org  or call 713-504-9557.